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Bugler Alarm Systems: We offer can be integrated with our video and audio surveillance solutions as well as our Access control systems. The system it's self has capabilities of cellular communication, Internet communications and hard wire phone line. There is two way listen in and speak with to our monitoring station if needed and wireless panic buttons for emergencies.
Closed Circuit TV Systems: Were initially developed as a means of increasing security in banks. Today, it has developed to a point where it is cost effective and simple enough to be used by any businesses no matter what the size. Our residential installers are ready to help you as well. Remote monitoring from the Internet is only one of the wonderful benefits to having a camera system. The ability to see your home or business from your Smart phone is also a huge benefit. They also allow current video of the intrusion to be displayed on a remote monitor, as well as providing recorded evidence admissible in court for prosecution.
Access Control Systems: We have been chosen as one of few dealers in the USA to sell and install this state of the art system. We can secure your building or office from unwanted or possibly dangerous persons. The card systems we have are custom designed for each application. We install these systems from a single door card reader to hundreds of doors at different locations running from the same software. 

Fire Alarm Systems:  These Life Safety systems are the most important part of a buildings infrastructure. These systems are what alerts you audibly, visually and calls the fire department automatically during an emergency. With out these systems thousands of lives would be lost yearly due to smoke inhalation of caustic materials burning during a commercial building fire.

Telephone Entry and Gate Systems: We offer the most advanced equipment available as well as the most secure, from residential hard wire and solar systems to commercial parking lot control and high security barriers, man traps and turn stiles. our entry systems work for single gate residential home to multi level buildings and government applications.

Turnstiles: We are proud to say we are the premier optical turnstile dealer and installation company for "ILD" and Smarter Security in the state of Florida. We offer both physical and optical barriers that meet or exceed the industry standards for any application.

Automatic Door Operators: We sell, install, service, and repair a variety of automatic door operators. These doors automatically open upon approach and are ideal for handicap compliance purposes. We are also   AAADM certified inspectors and are a dealer for Horton®, Benchmark®, and ADA EZ®.



Monitoring Service: Our monitoring company is UL Listed and is local to central Florida, we offer cost effective rates and meet all state and federal requirements to provide these important services.


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